Curacao Cemeteries

Jeff Maass
1 August 2016

NOTE: After six years of inactivity, I am rebuilding this web site!

Some of the pages for the individual cemeteries will be of the new style, with black backgrounds (see 'Beit Heim Berg Altena' and 'Hato' for examples), and some will remain in the old style until all are converted. I am adding several of the known cemeteries and photos taken there recently as time allows.  Please be patient!

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

I am interested in visiting and documenting by photographs  the cemeteries on the island of Curacao, an island in the southern Caribbean.

I live in Ohio USA, and travel to Curacao on holiday twice a year for my Amateur Radio activities. I have been interested in cemeteries for a number of years, not from the vantage of genealogy, but because of the history and art revealed there in the stones and crypts. I have learned much of the history of Ohio and my county by studying and visiting the local cemeteries. I am now doing the same for the cemeteries on Curacao as time allows during my short visits.

I am posting my notes and images as a web page to allow me to organize and have them available wherever I am. In addition, some of the question marks may best be answered by those who live on Curacao. This page will make it easier to recruit their participation and present the material to them. I have posted a few initial images from Curacao, and I plan to make regular updates in the future. Where possible, I have included a few photos taken by others for those cemeteries that I have not visited as yet. I have captured a satellite image from Google Earth to show the layout of each cemetery. 

I have noted that many of the cemeteries (or their associated churches) do not have their names indicated. I have attempted to identify each known cemetery with a name that is descriptive. As the correct name is known, I'll make corrections. If you are able to help out with information or images of any of these cemeteries, or of funeral and burial practices on Curacao, please email me, and I will add your information and give you credit.

Cemetery Candidates: Google Earth and Werbata Maps (1906)

In addition to known cemeteries and burial sites, there are a number of cemeteries that I have labeled as "Candidate Cemetery" (c.Cand#). These areas were seen using Google Earth, and appear to have the characteristics of a cemetery from the satellite vantage. There is no guarantee that these are, in fact, cemeteries: they will need to checked out in person.

Using the topographical maps published by J.V.D. Werbata in 1906 and 1910, I have included burial site marked at that time, and have approximated their location in my GPS with the abbreviation "c.Werb#". I include a segment of the Werbata map showing those burial sites.

GPS and the Curacao Cemeteries

I use a Garmin GPSMap60CSx handheld GPS device to mark and find cemeteries and burial sites. I will provide my  file of cemetery waypoints (in .gdb form) on request.  I have abbreviated the cemetery names in the form of 'c.Name' for inclusion on my GPS, and those abbreviations are included in the table of cemeteries below.

Researching Genealogy In Curacao?

Many of those who discover this site are looking for the burial sites of their ancestors. While my interests are not in genealogy, I can suggest the services of a Curacao resident who provides research in this area for a fee. They can be contacted at A statement of services is quoted below.

      "I have most of the information concerning the years 1800 to 1900, but I will consider other assignments.
       I register burials of people who were born in the 19th century and until 1910 as a birth year.
       I charge 35 dollars or euro per hour and will give an estimate before I start."

Overview of the Cemeteries of Curacao

Here is an overview map of Curacao, showing the listed cemeteries and possible cemeteries that I have identified to date.  I have entries for 46 cemeteries, burial sites, and possible burial sites on my spreadsheet.
Curacao Cemeteries Map Overiew

A Google Earth satellite image of the West end of Curacao, showing the cemeteries and burial sites.
Curacao Cemeteries Satellite Band Abou

A Google Earth satellite image of the East end of Curacao, showing the cemeteries and candidates for cemeteries.
Curacao Cemeteries East End

For each cemetery or "candidate cemetery", I have attempted to provide a Google Earth satellite image, the cemetery name, the location (GPS coordinates) and a contact person, and an image showing how the cemetery appeared on the Werbata topographical maps published between 1906 and 1910. For those cemeteries inside Willemstad, a second Werbata map segment may be shown from the separate city map.

The Werbata Maps are available for purchase on CD-ROM from: the "Curassow" web site for $80. CD-ROM 1 contains the topographical maps of Curacao, in two different scales. CD-ROM 2 contains topo maps for the other Dutch Caribbean islands (Aruba, Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Sint Maarten, as well as some excellent 1910 topo maps of Willemstad on Curacao. They have helped me to find some new "candidate cemeteries", which existed when the maps were published in 1906, and they have helped me by providing names for some of the cemeteries for which I had locations but no names. Thanks to harrie at the Curassow site for helping to get me these maps!

Individual Cemetery Photos and Information

Image Cemetery Location & Contact On Werbata Topo Maps (1906)
R.K.Begraafplaats Barber
Sint Jozefsdal Church

(GPS: c.Barber)
12deg 17' 22.95 N
 69deg 4' 23.20" W

+599 9-864-1798

Beth Heim / Beit Hayim
(Old Jewish)

(1659 - ?)

(GPS: c.BethHeim)
Blenheim / Willemstad
(Isla Refinery)

12deg 7' 53.26" N
 68deg 56' 35.33" W

Militaire Begraafplaats

(GPS: c.Militaire)
Otrabanda, Willemstad (Roodeweg)
12deg 6' 48.39" N
68deg 56' 49.87 W

Contact: Allan van der Ree,
Cell 561-6383

Soto Cemetery Soto Cemetery

(GPS: c.Soto)
12deg 16' 32.51" N
 69deg 6' 35.60"W

Contact: +599 9-864-1801

Note that the Soto Cemetery and church do not show
in this 1906 map.
Landhuis Hato, Evertsz Family Cemetery Landhuis Hato
Evertsz Family Cemetery

(Early 19th Century)

(GPS: c.Hato)
Hato, East of Airport
12deg 10' 53.64" N
68deg 56' 56.52" W

Contact: Curacao Winery
599 9-512-3542
Landhuis Hato Werbata
Westpunt Cemetery Westpunt Cemetery

(GPS: c.Westpunt)
12deg 22' 14.40" N
 69deg 9' 5.58" W

Sint Willibrordus Catholic Church & Cemetery

(GPS: c.Willibrordus)

San Willibrordus
12deg 13' 0.06" N
 69deg 3' 55.32" W

Telephone: +599 9-864-8330
Santa MAria Cemetery
Santana Santa Maria
Church of Maria Auxiliadora

(GPS: c.StaMaria)
Salsbach / Winston Churchillweg
12deg 9' 21.46" N
 68deg 56' 32.93" W

Telephone: +599 9-868-2227

La Birgen del Carmen
Roman Catholic Cemetery

(GPS: c.BirgenCarmen)
Groot Kwartier / Weis
12deg 8' 42.64" N
 68deg 54' 43.83" W

Telephone: +599 9-737-4467

Santana Bethania
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 7.32" N
68deg 53' 5.05" W

Telephone: (+5999) 462-8020
Parke el Consolidor
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 7.38" N
68deg 53' 2.64" W

Agencia Funeraria `El Consolador`
Telephone: (+5999) 462-3800

De Openbare Begraafplaats
(Public Cemetery)

Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 6.72" N
68deg 53' 1.26" W
Unknown Name
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 7.62" N
68deg 53' 5.04" W

(Shares two walls with Parke el Consolidor)
Masonic Cemetery Masonic Cemetery

(GPS: c.Masonic)
Otrabanda / Willemstad (Roodeweg)
12deg 6' 42.67" N
 68deg 56' 36.00" W


  Protestant Roodeweg

(GPS: c.ProtRood)
Otrabanda / Willemstad
12deg 6' 42.67" N
68deg 56' 36.00" W

Old St. Anna Cemetery Old St. Anna
Roman Catholic
("Oude St. Anna")

(GPS: c.OldStaAnna)
Otrabanda / Willemstad (Roodeweg)
12deg 6' 45.97" N
68deg 56' 31.08" W


New St. Anna
Roman Catholic
("Nieuwe St. Anna")

(GPS: c.NewStaAnna)
Willemstad ( Domi)
12deg 6' 55.93"
68deg 56' 29.94"

Maria Magdealena Santana Berg Altena
Roman Catholic Cemetery

(GPS: c.MariaMag)
Willemstad (Pietermaai)
12deg 6' 13.85" N
68deg 55' 1.64" W

Tel. 599-9-515-1731
Tel. 599-9-560-6426
Tel. 599-9-671-0589

Protestant Pietermaai Cemetery Protestant Cemetery Pietermaai
(Name Unknown)

(GPS: c.ProtPiet)
Willemstad  (Pietermaai)
(At Berg Altena & Oranjestraat)
12deg 6' 10.30" N
68deg 55' 21.04" W


Beth Heim Berge Altena (New Jewish) Beit Haim Berg Altena
Jewish Cemetery
(Originally "Ned. Port. Isr." and "Ned. Hero. Isr.")

 (GPS: c.BHBergAltena)
Willemstad  (Pietermaai)
12deg 6' 14.92" N
68deg 55' 12.51" W


Santana Kolebra Berde (National Monument) Santana Kolebra Berde
(National Monument)

(GPS: c.Kolebra)
Kas Chikitu
12deg 7.817' N
68deg 57.217' W
Perret Gentil Family Cemetery Perret-Gentil Family
Cemetery (Old)

(GPS: c.PerretGentil)
Willemstad  (Pietermaai)
12deg 6' 18.40" N
68deg 55' 14.11" W

(This small family plot is located just NW of the Jewish Cemetery on Berg Altena)
Santa Rosa Cemetery Santa Rosa (Catholic)

(GPS: c.StaRosa)
Santa Rosa
12deg 6' 34.67" N
 68deg 53' 43.93" W


Montana Cemetery Montana (Catholic)

(GPS: c.Montana)
Montana Abou
12deg 6' 18.36" N
 68deg 53' 53.36" W


Candidate Cemetery #3
(Name Unknown)

(GPS: c.Cand03)
Willemstad (Motet)
12deg 6' 35.98" N
68deg 55' 29.81" W


Candidate 10 Candidate Cemetery #10
(Name Unknown)

(GPS: c.Cand10)
(Very Approximate Location)
12deg 8.291' N

68deg 50.393' W

Reference seen to this site, but location not
described in detail. It was reported to be on the road Weg Naar Sta Catherina, but no details. It may be just outside of the housing development.
Candidate 10 Candidate Cemetery #99
(Name Unknown)

(GPS: c.Cand99)
(Very approx coordinates)
12deg 5' 52.46" N
68deg 54' 49.01" W

Described generally as "Berg Altena, in Oranjestraat"
Werbata Candidate #1

(GPS: c.Werb01)

(Wrong location? Photo no longer matches coordinates)
12deg 6' 56.27"N
68deg 57' 27.08"W

On Oost Jongbloedweg.
Werbata Candidate 2 Werbata Candidate #2

(GPS: c.Werb02)
12deg 7' 16.25" N
68deg 57' 16.98" W

From Google Earth and approximate coordinates, this site may be at the base of a cliff behind a housing area.
Werbata Candidate 4 Werbata Candidate #4
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb04)
Christoffel Park
12deg 19' 33.6" N
69deg 6' 56.4" W
(Very Approximate)


NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "02c_II.jpg" (upper right) has the notation "Graf" ("Sulpuchre" in Dutch). It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.

Werbata Candidate 5
Werbata Candidate #5
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb05)
Santa Cruz
12deg 18' 19.98" N
69deg 8' 7.08" W
(Very Approximate)


NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "02c_II.jpg" (lower left) has the notation "Graf" ("Sulpuchre" in Dutch). It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.

Webata Candidate 6
Werbata Candidate #6
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb06)
San Mango?
12deg 17' 26.46" N
69deg 7' 36.36" W
(Very Approximate)

NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "04b_IV.jpg" has no notation. It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.
Werbata Candidate 7 Werbata Candidate #7
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb07)
12deg 16' 28.64" N
69deg 6' 43.00" W
(Very Approximate)

NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "04b_IV.jpg" has no notation. It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts. It is possible that any grave(s) here were moved to Soto Cemetery when it was established a bit NE from this spot.
Werbata 8 Candidate Werbata Candidate #8
(Multiple Graves?)

(GPS: c.Werb08)
12deg 17' 11.0724" N
69deg 3' 52.2576" W

Actual GPS coordinates provided by John Dohman of 'Stichting Uniek Curacao'. These are three cylindrical graves in serious disrepair.

NOTE: These two red crosses on Werbata map "05a_V.jpg" has no notation. It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.
Werbata Candidate 9 Werbata Candidate #9
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb09)
12deg 16' 27.36" N
69deg 4' 25.44" W
(Very Approximate)

Single grave? From Google Earth, looks like it may be in a planted field?
Werbata Candidate 10 Werbata Candidate #10
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb10)
12deg 16' 20.56" N
69deg 3' 48.66" W
(Very Approximate)

From Google Earth, the area around this site has had some new houses built. May well be accessible.
Werbata Candidate 11 Werbata Candidate #11
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb11)
12deg 15' 3.00" N
69deg 3' 46.20" W
(Very Approximate)

Google Earth shows that this approximate
location is near a road/path, and so may be accessible.

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