Curacao Cemetery: Janwe-Pietermaai Catholic Cemetery (Santana Katoliko Janwe-Pietermaai) 09/07/19

This is the newer of the two connected cemeteries on Seru Loraweg at Janwestraat in Janwe (the other is Janwe Catholic Cemetery (Santana Katoliko Parokia di Janwe). This one is the more ornate and 'high end' of the two, with several very large family structures. Earliest date seen was 1950, but date the cemetery was created is unknown. The two cemeteries are separated by a central wall on the interior, and have their own gates. The gate for this cemetery is on the NW wall along Seru Loraweg. Ground photography July 9, 2019. Drone photography July 9, 2019. Copyright (c) 2019 J. A. Maass.
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