Curacao Cemetery: Masonic Cemetery Universelle (Roodeweg)

This Masonic cemetery is on Roodeweg, just East of the Protestant cemetery, with which it shares a separating wall. There are three entry gates (East to West): the main gate, an iron gate with Masonic symbol; a nondescript green door; and a large gate. The western-most gate on the Roodeweg wall opens into a separately-walled section with perhaps a dozen crypts, but separated from the rest of the cemetery inside the outer wall by a white interior wall. This is the Hellmund / de Veer family cemetery, which pre-dated the Masonic burial ground. Ther was previously another gate to the Masonic cemetery on the Western wall, but it is now sealed. I have not yet photographed this cemetery from the ground. Drone photography July 12, 2019. Copyright (c) 2019 J. A. Maass.
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