Curacao Cemetery: Landhuis Hato - Evertsz Family Cemetery

Seven graves in various states of deterioration, on the grounds of Landhuis Hato ('Curacao Winery' when photographed). The earliest grave is for Kornelis Gerard Evertsz, Captain Colonel at sea and Commander in the harbor of Curaçao, who died defending Sint Annabaai from English attack on New Years Day 1807 (reportedly, a cannonball removed his head). His Mother and Father died in 1812 and 1815, and are buried here as well. The graves with half-cylinder caps indicate burial of someone with money and influence. These graves have deteriorated greatly in the past five years. Photographed July 2015. Copyright (c) 2019 J.A. Maass
Hato 1370 c.Hato Hato 1186 Hato 1343
Hato 1350 Hato 1344 Hato 1347 Hato 1351
Hato 1355 Hato 1372 Hato 1373 Hato 1373 1418
Hato 1375 Hato 1378 Hato 1379 Hato 1381
Hato 1397 Hato 1405 Hato 1406 Hato 1408
Hato 1409 Hato 1410 Hato 1421