Curacao Cemeteries
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Jeff Maass
Updated: 13 April 2009

Soto Cemetery
(12 deg 16' 32.51" N, 69 deg 6' 35.60"W)

Soto is a small town in the Northwest part of the island, on the western road to Westpunt. 

Here is a satellite overview from Google Earth. The Catholic Church is at the upper left of the photo.
The older, overgrown area is the  brown area to the left of the group of white crypts.

The cemetery was approximately 450 feet by 165 feet in size, with room for expansion on two sides.

The cemetery was fenced and locked, and no open point of entry was found during my visits. All photo
below were taken over the fence or through locked gates.

Soto Church and Cemetery

Looking Northwest from the main road through Soto.

Crèche Between Church and Cemetery Wall, at Parking Lot

Overgrown (Older) Section of the Cemetery

Perhaps 1/3 of the area inside the cemetery walls is an overgrown (older?) area of in-the-ground graves
marked with crosses or flat cover stones. This photo is taken from the parking area, from the NW corner
of the cemetery looking South. This and the next three photos were taken through a locked chain-link
fence and gate at the parking area for the church.

Overgrown Area and Crypts

This photo is looking more Southeast fromt he same point as the above photo. The tops of some
of the crosses marking in-the-ground graves can be seen to the right in the bushy (and thorny)

Looking Through The Fence

Nearly the same view, looking through the chain link portion of the fence. The path between the crypts
is to the left, but was inaccessible  through the locked gate.  

The Path Seen Though The Gate

View Over The Wall From The Main Road

A very substantial yellow wall is at the side of the cemetery towards the road, and varies in height
from chest to head height. This view is looking back at the church across the overgrown area of
in-the-ground graves. The row of crypts at the rear of this view is the same seen in the images
above through the locked gate. 

The Cemetery Fence and Gate, Looking Northwest

From the main road through Soto, looking back towards the church and parking area on the left. The
gate to the right was locked. The area to the left is the overgrown area, and the majority of the crypts
are to the right.

Fence And Gate From Road, Looking North

On a later trip, I'd like to find a way up to the houses on the hill overlooking the cemetery for some overview photos.

The Fence Continues, Looking Northeast

Looking Through The Gate


More Shots Through The Gate

With the church in the background, these are the crypts on the border of the overgrown area.

Looking Straight Through Gate

This is the main path among the crypts, running roughly Northeast, and ending at the large cross. 

The Crypts On One Side of the Main Path

The Crypts On The Other Side of the Main Path

Outside Of The Fence At The Gate

As everywhere on Curacao, the overgrowth is fast-growing and dangerously thorny. The tall crypts to the
right are three-high, the tallest I've seen on the island to date.

Looking Across the Tops of Crypts


Looking Across the Tops of Crypts

Among the crosses, the is the ships' wheel ornament to the left side.

Ship's Wheel Ornament

A closer look at the Ship's Wheel.

Another View of the 3-High Crypts

Another View Over The Fence


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